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The Nine-spotted
Amata phegea (Linnaeus, 1758)
Erebidae: Arctiinae
2070 / 72.0343

Similar Yorkshire Species: None
Red List:
GB Status: Adventive / Adventive
Former Status: Adventive
Verification Grade:  Adult: 3

Yorkshire Status: Adventive or introduced.

This rare species has occurred once, or possibly twice in Yorkshire. The first, and rather doubtful record is mentioned in Porritt's lists as follows:

"The following note on this species occurs in the Entomologist's Monthly Magazine, Jan 1873 ix. 199: - "Several years ago my late friend TH Allis sent me a specimen of this insect for examination, which he found in the possession of a collector in the north of England, who assured him he captured it in Yorkshire, but I do not recollect the exact locality. It had evidently been on the wing some time before it was captured, and it is not very probable that such a worn specimen would have been sent as a type from the continent - Henry Doubleday, Epping, Dec. 13th 1972.""

Sutton and Beaumont came to the conclusion that the record was unlikely, and pointed out that it was not included in MBGBI Vol 9. It is also not mentioned in the Field Guide which just lists a suspect record from between Folkestone and Dover in 1972 and one in Essex in 2000.

The second record is more substantial. One was seen flying by day on 14/7/2019 near Wentbridge in VC63 and photographed. This showed the hindwings well enough to exclude the other possible Amata species which could possibly occur. It is resident in central and southern Europe and is not normally known as a migrant. The larvae feed on a variety of herbaceous plants. Quite where this moth originated from is up to debate!

Retained Specimen / Photograph will be Required.

Recorded in 1 (1%) of 200 10k Squares.
First Recorded in 2019.
Last Recorded in 2019.

Latest 5 Records
Date#VC10k Area
14/07/2019163SE41 - South Elmsall
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